Tuesday, October 30, 2001

To: Lumpy Burgerbuns
Re: Bug Report

Would you mind upgrading your poopypants algorithm? Even twins deserve a unique Silly Name, and through no fault of their own, both Bryn and Maya wind up with the same one (Dinky Pickleshorts).

In the mean time, there does seem to be a workaround. Given their unexpected net.fame on MetaFilter last week (over 900 visitors in two days), the kids are considering dropping their last name and following the Sting / Madonna precedent, which then produces:
Dinky Gizzardchunks and Dinky Diaperhead
However, since we're paying for the domain name, we'd prefer that they continue using it (at least until their pop star royalty stream improves).

Dorkey Burgerbuns and Falafel Picklechunks

PS: Speaking of Brussels Sprouts, when do we get to hear more? We're already getting calls from your marriage-minded sisters. Beware.
12:30:00 AM

Sunday, October 28, 2001

Yesterday morning started off like any other Saturday -- sleepy, happy, and relaxed:

Click for full-size image (135 KB)

Then, during the kids' morning nap, Kathy snuck out to a garage sale, where she made the find of the year -- a kid-sized kitchen.

Click for full-size image (152 KB) Click for full-size image (160 KB)

Ever since, all we've seen of both kids has been the back of their heads, as they merrily:
  • answer the phone,
  • open cabinets,
  • wash their hands,
  • put their milk bottles in the fridge, and
  • microwave their stuffed animals.
They've been so engrossed that the best way to see their faces is to literally go around and look in through the window!
4:48:00 PM

Tuesday, October 23, 2001

Family exuberance. Aunt Liz has proudly informed us that her computer's desktop wallpaper is now sporting the infamous Kazoo girl picture. If you'd like to return the favor, Bryn humbly suggests that you choose from the following Parke family treasures:

Click for full-size image (64 KB) Click for full-size image (51 KB) Click for full-size image (32 KB)

From left to right, Maggie and Robert cooking earlier this June, and Uncle Bill having an encounter with a crab last month.

Enjoy! :-)
9:12:00 AM

According to tradition, is it bad luck to be seen in costume before the big day? Even though, by definition, you have to try it on first to see if it fits?

Click for full-size image (150 KB) Click for full-size image (268 KB)

Well, not wishing to anger the Great Pumpkin, we'll play it safe. Expect one cow and one monster to sally forth next weekend, but if anyone asks, you didn't hear it from us. ;-)
9:11:00 AM

Monday, October 22, 2001

To catch up, much of the recent hiatus was due to a series of classic childhood illnesses. September started off with a lovely case of full-body spots:

Click for full-size image (121 KB)

According to the pediatrician, since the fever went away quickly, this should have been a textbook case of roseola, except for the puzzling fact that Daddy came down with it too, which suggests it might have been an echovirus. (We'll spare you the photographic evidence of that. You can thank us later.)

Click for full-size image (118 KB)

Fortunately, the kids managed to recover quickly enough. Would that we could say the same for Paul, who spent the month trying to stave off various follow-on colds long enough for Kathy to get out of town for two long weekends in a row (flying to Minneapolis and southern Ohio).

Then, of course, after a brief respite, Darth Maya and Darth Bryn each promptly came down with croup, one after the other. ("I am your daughter, Luke.") Fortunately, the ESP granted to all mothers was functioning perfectly, and both cases were caught early enough that inhalers, etc. weren't needed. Thus, "it really wasn't as bad as it sounded", which is good, because at first they each sounded horrible.

Thus, we're quite happy to report that, at long last, all four of us are healthy at the same time. Sniffles don't count, right?
4:55:00 PM

Friday, October 19, 2001

Toy of the week? Duplos, by a mile.
1:17:00 AM

Missing you. Has it really only been six weeks since these pictures were taken? It seems like forever.

Click for full-size image (212 KB)
Click for full-size image (209 KB)

We miss you, Gramma and Grandad!
12:35:00 AM

Thursday, October 18, 2001

Vocabulary check. We've long found it safe to assume that the kids understand pretty much everything we say; now the big question is how many words they can produce.

As of a week ago, in addition to the oft-used hand signs for "bye-bye", "more", and "food", their working vocabulary included:
  • mama
  • dada
  • yaya (formerly "aya"; Bryn's word for Maya)
  • wow-wow (what a dog says)
  • bye-bye
  • bay-bee
  • baa (what a sheep says)
  • baba (bottle)
  • baw (the round thing you roll)
  • mmm (my that's tasty)
  • uh-oh
Within the last week, they're starting to really pick up the pace; in the last two days alone, Maya's learned the following words:
  • bat (the "t" is silent)
  • e-i-e-i-o (Old MacDonald)
  • moo (what a cow says)
Bravely moving on to new consonants, yesterday Bryn started using a plural word:
  • shusss (they go on your feet)
But our very favorite word they've both picked up in the last week is the indispensable...
... said with plenty of gusto and enthusiastic nods.
11:38:00 PM

Monday, October 01, 2001

Found it! Our apologies for the lack of pictures recently. We just found the camera, which had been riding back and forth to campus in the trunk of the car all month.

Now if only we could find time to start posting some of the backlog...
6:06:00 PM

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