Wednesday, November 28, 2001

One of the highlights of last week's holiday trip was, of course, air travel with young twins. It's been almost a year since our last such excursions, and much has changed since then. Now, instead of lugging the kids in their carseats, each must be transported independently. Fortunately, the kids love to walk. Thus, with the aid of:
  • curbside check-in,
  • a pair of kid leashes, and
  • a luggage cart,
one parent can navigate all the lines with kids, carseats, and carryons while the other parks the car.

We also discovered that Maya loves to push luggage carts, even though they're so much taller than she is that she can't see where she's going. Indeed, she'll happily push carts all the way from the curb to the gate, and vice versa. For the most part, this is easily managed with intermittent steering assistance from the designated parent.

However, you really have to watch her when going through security. As soon as that cart's loaded up, boom, she's outta there, whether anyone else is ready or not.

You know those soldiers posted in camouflage, hands locked on the triggers of their M16s? Well, let's just say that Maya's lucky that the one posted at SFO that day was both nimble and had a sense of humor, because she came this close to taking him out with her cart.
11:52:00 AM

Red skies at morning. It's that time of year again, so guess what the forecast for tonight is? Yep, that's right.

Click for full-size image (193 KB)

As a special bonus, if you play with the contrast a little, this same picture can be reused as the backdrop for your favorite space opera -- ominous galaxy invaded by fractal dark matter, etc.
11:10:00 AM

Sunday, November 25, 2001

Recently Maya sprouted her first molar, on her lower right. It's been a while since we've looked that far back in her mouth, so the exact day will never be known.
11:59:00 PM

Forbidden fruit. After months spent peeling and slicing apples for the kids, what happens today? Maya finds a whole one, starts gnawing away, then hands it to her sister to polish off.

Click for full-size image (179 KB)

And to think of all the time we spent on airplanes last week sawing away with plastic knives...
9:22:00 PM

Wednesday, November 14, 2001

Some milestones are much less fun than others. Today, for instance, we got official confirmation that the kids have their first ear infections -- Maya's left and Bryn's right. Ouch.

Fortunately, thanks to the miracles of modern medicine, they should be in fine shape in a day or two. Or so we all fervently hope.
2:30:00 AM

Monday, November 12, 2001

Gosh, those kids are determined to grow up as fast as they possibly can. For example, last Friday evening they were spotted playing with Darcy on the big kid swings:

Click for full-size image (203 KB)

Lest you think that this was some fluke, here's the photographic evidence of both youngsters in action:

Click for full-size image (149 KB) Click for full-size image (164 KB)

These swings are for swinging! Whee!
12:47:00 PM

Wednesday, November 07, 2001

Now here's a milestone for you.

It was exactly two years ago today that we finally got the joyous news we'd been waiting years for. Not one, but two different labs confirmed that Kathy's quant beta hCG levels were high enough (190 and 212) to make it official -- she was pregnant!

It's hard to imagine. We were marvelling the other day that the kids now weigh twice as much as they did a year ago, and four times as much as they did when they were born. But what's really amazing is that two years ago, these toddling, chattering fireballs of energy were so tiny that the only way we could detect their existence was by testing for subtle traces in Kathy's blood.

11:51:00 PM

Tuesday, November 06, 2001

Totally off-topic. Paul wishes he had a wee bit more time to explore the implications of what's known as the small world effect. He's definitely short on time to read the book, based on Duncan Watts' PhD thesis, but maybe someday there'll be enough time to surf the topic a little more.

Watts is now fairly quietly ensconced at Columbia, but he seems to have made a real impression on each of the institutions he's left behind. He did his PhD at Cornell, where all sorts of faculty are putting it to very interesting uses, including some lovely math. Then he did a post-doc at the Santa Fe Institute, where folks are tying it to scale-free networks and other cool phenomena.

OK, enough jargon-filled links. Go ahead and play the Kevin Bacon Game now, and we'll rejoin our regularly-scheduled programming, already in progress.
6:55:00 PM

Monday, November 05, 2001

Hey, did we mention that the kids have each acquired a certain mastery of a utensil known as the spoon? Thus our current preoccupation with bibs. ;-)
9:25:00 AM

Toy of the week? Hand puppets.
9:24:00 AM

Also, for your viewing pleasure, our latest slide show is a timely one: the kids' first costumes. We know the suspense was killing you.
12:00:00 AM

Sunday, November 04, 2001

OK, so we've been fighting the nightly bib battle for quite some time now. We've tried insisting, we've tried peer pressure, we've even worn the bibs ourselves to try to make the kids jealous. Yet consistent success has eluded us.

However, we may have finally hit on the solution: bibs, plural. Instead of trying to get the kids to wear a bib, we thought ... what the heck, why stop at one? Thus, last night Bryn proudly ate dinner wearing two bibs, and Maya topped that with three. (Perhaps she shares that gene with her cousin Maggie.)

Click for full-size image (194 KB) Click for full-size image (198 KB)

Now why didn't we think of this sooner? Not only do the kids get to play a "more is better" game, but if they happen to tug one off ... voila, they're still covered!

Click for full-size image (185 KB)

Hey, you sneaky parents you, I heard that!
11:55:00 PM

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