Sunday, May 26, 2002

We should note that the kids are using increasingly complex sentences. This morning's examples include:
Bryn: "Bear take hat off."
Maya: "Mommy made it for me."
This language explosion just shows no signs of slowing down, does it?
2:43:00 PM

How easy do you think it is to transform a cuddly rabbit into a ferocious croco-ile? According to Bryn yesterday, very easy. One nibble off her french toast and voila! No breakfast table in the country is safe.
2:39:00 PM

Saturday, May 18, 2002

Meanwhile, Maya must have been hungry, because she just gobbled up her pancakes: one, ... two, ... three!
3:05:00 PM

This morning's mealtime critter of choice was a "hnake" that Bryn made by crumpling up an entire whole-wheat pancake into a big round ball. Nobody else saw the resemblance, but she insisted that's what it was.

She then spent about ten minutes meticulously:
  • shredding said critter into teeny-tiny morsels and
  • dispersing them evenly across her entire tray.
Perhaps she has a future as a non-representational artist?
3:03:00 PM

Wednesday, May 15, 2002

From the "since you asked" department, tonight Bryn nibbled another critter for the menagerie -- a pita-bread dine-saur.
11:01:00 PM

Bryn, who's been working on variants of the following song for quite a while now, has definitely mastered it:
Ring aroun da wosie
Aw, faw, DOWN!
To prove it, tonight she sang a continuous loop of approximately 70 verses. Proudly beaming the whole time.
12:51:00 AM

Maya, who's always loved lurking in enclosed spaces, has recently made an exciting discovery:

Click for full-size image (121 KB)

She can now open closets at will!
12:49:00 AM

Tonight's edition of the dinnertime menagerie featured a mouse and two tables, each carefully nibbled out of whole wheat hot dog buns. What will they think of next?
12:47:00 AM

Monday, May 13, 2002

You know you're a grownup when ... you identify the items in Bryn's hands as ordinary pieces of grilled cheese:

Click for full-size image (181 KB)

You know you're a toddler when ... you identify them as the dread "croco-iles" that they were carefully nibbled to become.

Just don't get them mixed up with the equally ferocious "cheese-deeya" [quesadilla] croco-iles from two days ago, though. That's a whole 'nother animal.
11:35:00 AM

Also overheard today -- while having her post-nap diaper changed, Maya looked up and commented:
I see Abi ...
daddy's shirt ...
letters on it!
Now that's poetry to warm a geek daddy's heart. And a very comprehensive description, too!
2:10:00 AM

Short, and very very sweet: "Happy muvver's day, Mommy!"

Click for full-size image (291 KB)

Yep, that's a verbatim quote, heard many times today from both kids.
2:09:00 AM

Saturday, May 04, 2002

Now that the iMac is sporting a new look, product designers everywhere are gnashing their teeth and moaning "But, but, what do we do with all the products we designed to look like the old iMacs?" The world, unforgiving, decrees: out they go!

Which is how we made our big find at last weekend's San Francisco Mothers of Twins Club sale:

Click for full-size image (130 KB)

Yes, with the help of our new iToyBox, it's now possible to roam freely through the playroom again ... instead of being confined to narrow traffic lanes.

PS: Special thanks to Maya and Bryn, who are big enough now that they pick up all their toys when they're done with them. Yay!
12:00:00 AM

Friday, May 03, 2002

From time to time we peek through the server logs for this site to see who's stopped by recently. Today, we were floored to discover a brief visit from someone at National Geographic -- gods of photographic tourism -- taking a peek at one of our nicer travel pictures.

Alas, no instant career in photography for us, though. Upon closer inspection, it turns out that they were using the text-only web browser Lynx, so all they saw was this.
7:15:00 PM

Known quantities. Once again, the kids have managed to sneak a whole new set of concepts into their vocabulary. For example, they're both now using words like "both" or "another".

Tonight, we also caught a quantum jump in their counting abilities. Paul was feeding them pineapple chunks out of the can, asking them how many they wanted at once. The default answer for months now has been "two", of course -- one for each hand. (The faster to eat them with.) Tonight, though, Maya decided to see just how many chunks she could get:
one, two, free, ...
fouw, five, ...
six, seven, eight!
Bryn then immediately made a quantum leap of her own:
one, two, free, ...
(long pause)
eight, nine!
Amidst all the ensuing hoopla -- applause, video camera, calls to relatives, etc. -- Maya was still so impressed at how well her counting had paid off that she kept counting those eight chunks of pineapple, over and over.

You have to understand Maya's ravenous appetite to be duly impressed by the fact that she didn't gobble up that pineapple for well over ten minutes.
1:13:00 AM

Wednesday, May 01, 2002

Evidently when you turn 22 months old, those two-syllable words -- like "cycle" and "hippo" -- are old hat. Now the kids are using three-syllable words, like "submarine" and "bumblebee".

Clear as a bell, too.
12:08:00 PM

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