Tuesday, April 27, 2004

In case there was any doubt, it's now official: Bryn can read. Tonight she opened and read aloud a belated Easter card--sentence after sentence--missing only two words along the way. Below is what she read correctly, with the words she didn't know in brackets:
Dear Bryn,

We miss you! I hope you have [the card really said "had"] a [good] Easter! We hope to come see you soon! [Enjoy] your present!

Aunt Ellen (and Uncle Chris, Haley + Danae)
We love you!
We're amazed and proud!
1:26:00 AM

Friday, April 16, 2004

For some time now, we've been aware that Bryn and Maya know about fractions--a knowledge sparked by their interest in their own and other kids' ages. Since about a month after her third birthday, for instance, Maya has been insisting that she is three and a half.

Until recently, we thought the kids' knowledge of fractions was limited to halves. Bryn, however, recently set us straight when she asked Kathy about the age of another set of twins:
Bryn: Are they two?

Kathy: No, they're a little older than you. They're almost four.

Bryn [without missing a beat]: Oh, they're three and three-quarters.
How do they know these things?!
2:05:00 AM

Monday, April 12, 2004

When Grandma and Grandad called today to wish the kids a Happy Easter, Maya told them about the wonderful goodies she'd received in a giant egg from her cousins Robert and Maggie. She was especially impressed by one of the gifts, which she excitedly described to her grandparents:
"It was a little egg with lots of beads inside. Did you get one of those?"
Alas, Grandma and Grandad didn't get one of those. Maybe next year...
1:21:00 AM

Friday, April 09, 2004

Every night at bedtime, we ask the kids what their favorite thing about the day was, and we also share our favorite things. Tonight Kathy's favorite thing was learning that her friend and mentee, Kai Marks, had won a university-wide teaching award. Bryn asked what an award was, and Kathy explained that winning an award meant getting a prize for doing a good job at something. Upon hearing this explanation, Bryn asked for a relative assessment of Kai's teaching ability:
"Does she teach as good as you?"
Kathy was quite flattered that Bryn automatically assumed her mother was a good teacher!
8:46:00 AM

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

We’ve been struck by the way that Maya uses impeccable logic to try to get what she wants. We first noticed this phenomenon about six months ago, when she and Kathy had the following conversation:
Maya: Mommy, I want to wear dat dress.

Kathy: Honey, it's dirty.

Maya: But I just going to get it dirty again anyway. I wear dat dress.
We saw a similar use of logic when Paul went to pick up the kids at preschool recently. It was closing time, and he and the teacher, Erin, were having trouble convincing Maya to go home. Maya, remembering that Erin lives with her fiancé, Dean, tried to leverage that knowledge to her advantage:
Erin: Maya, you need to go home. I need to go home. You need to eat dinner, and I need to feed my cats.

Maya: And you need to see Dean?

Erin: Yes, I need to see Dean, and I need to feed my cats.

Maya: Dean can feed your cats.
Nice try, kiddo!
11:52:00 AM

Monday, April 05, 2004

Tonight, for the first time, Bryn read us a book at bedtime! She chose One, Two, Three by Sandra Boynton, and she got over two thirds of the words right. Even when she didn't get a word right, she was able to make good guesses, including "quiet" for "quick," "crab" for "crowd," and "racing" for "running."
11:50:00 PM

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