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There are lots of ways to celebrate wedding anniversaries -- some of which can even be described on a family website. ;-) One tradition in Paul's family is that, when the fifth anniversary rolls around, Grummy and Farfar make arrangements to show up and take care of their grandchildren. Their parents are then expected to leave town and celebrate on their own.

Of course, this is theoretically for the benefit of the happy couple. However, as Maya and Bryn can gleefully attest, the ones who stay home don't get the short end of the stick. Far from it!

This week in mid-July marked Farfar's first visit to California since the kids were born, and everyone was determined to make the most of it. Activities included:

  • a brisk stroll along Sawyer Camp trail,
  • a "screaming" good time at a Mexican restaurant,
  • putting together a cool swing Farfar made,
  • reading lots of books, of course,
  • at least one trip to the beach,
  • more fun at a Vietnamese restaurant, and ...

... Shhh! Don't mention everything, or when Mommy and Daddy's 10th anniversary rolls around, we might not be able to convince them to leave!

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