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If you're an American baby, chances are that your first birthday celebration follows something like the following script:

  • unwrap a few gifts,
  • meet your new babies,
  • play with some of your new toys,
  • have a very close encounter with some cake, and
  • leave the aftermath for the grownups to deal with.

For twins, it's the pretty much the same ... only better, because there's twice as much of everything -- with emphasis on the cakes!

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June 2001

before_b before_m loot_m loot_b peekaboo
mb_grand m_gramma b_grandad b_lullaby m_lullaby m_sax m_grand b_blue b_star b_paper m_box m_bow
m_pedestal m_what m_escape mk_here mk_intro m_recoil mbk_kiss b_touch m_charge b_thrilled b_love b_carry b_technique b_twins
m_duplo bk_wagon mk_rocker mk_kiss mb_phone
m_go m_focus m_fist m_glove m_face m_thumbs m_fork m_pollock m_flash m_mask
b_candle b_go b_lift b_hands b_yes b_spoon b_claw b_claw2 b_claw3 b_face b_rodin b_mask
after_b after_m plate
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