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Until we became parents, we were under the impression that the "holiday party season" referred to a period in December, and that most other holidays were one-day events. Silly us.

Consider the case of Halloween. We'd been planning to:

  • get costumes for the kids,
  • dress them up for the day, and then
  • take them trick-or-treating to a few neighbors' houses.

Sounds pretty straightforward, right? To us, it certainly sounded much more ambitious than last year, when bleary-eyed caregivers of light-sleeping four-month-old twins struggled mightily to just answer the doorbell and try to drop candy inside the bags without missing.

Now we know that it just isn't that simple. Although we didn't manage to get any pictures at all on Halloween itself, we had plenty of camera-worthy opportunities in the two weeks prior to that, including:

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mb_costumes m_shy m_toes bk_kiss b_cups
neighborhood party (Friday)
mk_laugh m_reach b_stay
grownup party (Saturday)
k_wave k_dancer k_bangles k_soft p_witch p_gothic
twins' club party (Sunday)
mb_club b_monster b_tail b_swing1 b_swing2 m_swing m_cup
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