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A little bird pointed out that the kids had been getting free rides for most of their outdoor experiences, even though they've been walking for months. In keeping with standard pediatric advice, they've done all that walking barefoot, which means it's been almost entirely indoors.

No longer. :-) At the most recent twins' club sale, we picked up some shoes so they could start enjoying the outdoors under their own steam, beginning with the back yard.

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June 2001

b_deck bk_video1 bk_video2 m_flowers
mb_ball1 mb_ball2 m_turn m_wave b_grass m_wrist b_stride b_close
mbk_follow b_swing1 b_swing2 m_swing b_swing3 m_shrug
m_grand mb_grand1 mb_grand2 mb_stroll m_me
mb_ball m_ball m_top m_seeya m_boomba m_spears m_grass
b_ahead b_down b_ball m_stride b_yay b_stand b_reach
mk_tree mk_vert b_garden mk_close1 mk_close2 b_botanist b_lawn
b_doze b_slumber
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