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One of the perils of being a modern multimedia family is sheer logistics. If you want video, stills, and a live, in-person experience you have to make hard choices about who does what when. For example, this Easter, there are hardly any stills from the "traditional" phase of the egg hunt, since that's when we were shooting video.

However, since Aunt Liz broke precedent by having her famous big eggs delivered before Easter, we just had to get that hunt on "film" for her to enjoy.

Click on any image below to start the slide show at that point:

easter '03

b_bucket b_bucket2 b_bucket3
big egg hunt
m_clue b_clue b_clue2
m_leaves b_bush b_egg1 b_egg2 b_egg3
m_found m_egg1 m_egg2 m_egg3 mk_string1 mk_string2
b_string1 b_string2 mk_string b_string3 b_string4 mk_string3
m_hands b_hands b_string5 mb_grass m_grass
b_open1 b_open2 b_open3 m_open1 m_open2 m_open3
m_ladybug m_shades b_easter1 b_easter2 mk_hands b_easter3
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