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As it turned out, the kids' first big snow was a very busy day.

We'd been planning to spend the morning visiting Great-Grammie, but our departure was understandably delayed. Unfortunately, this meant we were rather late getting back home to go sledding with the Kucich family. How embarrassing!

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first snow

welcome exterior p_unprepared shovel bumper
interior windshield bushes fence
mb_footprints mb_whee m_angel m_shadow b_angel b_shadow
m_taste m_lips b_chew b_peek b_profile mk_video b_taste
mb_gram mbj_bears
the Kucich family
john monica christopher alexander
snowball path trailblazers gloves gotcha
alexander2 brothers uphill ready
first sledding
mb_john mb_tracks mb_grab mb_hold mb_and b_stand mb_card mp_ready mp_sideways bk_ok bk_set bk_go bk_gone
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