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In effect, the blizzard of '05 hit us twice.

Repairs to our new house hadn't yet been completed, so not only were we snowed in at the place we were renting, but after a day of digging us out of there, Paul got to spend another day shovelling his way into the new house, too. Once the drifts were excavated and the sun came out, the yard looked gorgeous, what with all the wind shadows and abstract designs.

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window closeup drift abstract chair eddy cars texture snowed_in boot
walkway compare crisp messy halfway layers path shovel deep house so_far boulders workload
drift curl curl2 deck crest grass trees trees2 woodpile frontier base blinding branches corner peeling peeling2 walldrift
wind shadow
wall2 grass2 wall grass sprouting branches lines curve ladder bushes trunk bark buried edges tip
hillside hillside2 mesas mesas2 grains swirl2 swirl downhill edges rubble tumbling waves
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