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All summer, we'd been hearing about various tall ships docking in Monterey or San Francisco ... just after they'd left. Thus, when we heard on Friday that the last tall ship of the season, the Cuauhtémoc, had just docked, we knew what we had to do.

Although we've lived here long enough to know that "real natives" never, ever go to Fisherman's Wharf -- that's for tourists (shudder) -- we battled that prejudice and won. Thus, we got up bright and early Saturday morning, packed up everyone in the car, and tried to find a parking spot. As it turns out, we had plenty of time to poke around the working portions of the wharf before taking the kids out on a tall ship for the very first time.

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prow deck lights rigging b_rail m_lines
mb_wheel mb_wheel2 mb_spin b_wheel m_driving
plaque sails mast figurehead painter
flag gear mb_balloon b_fence mb_toes
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