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OK, so it's early February. It's a weekend. The weather outside is, for once, simply stunning: unseasonably warm and sunny. It's actually been like that for several days in a row, so we decide to get outside and ... see some redwoods. Yep, you heard that right. On the theory that:
  • the ground may have had a chance to dry out some,
  • it really is quite warm, and
  • we doubt the kids have any good memories yet of redwoods,
we decide to:
  • get the kids up from a long, late nap,
  • leave in mid-afternoon, feeding them in the car,
  • drive for far too long on narrow twisty mountain roads, and
  • arrive after 4:00 in a deep, damp, chilly canyon,
in this case, Portola Redwoods State Park. What a way to revive our "fun days" tradition, huh? It sure was gorgeous, though!

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Portola Redwoods

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