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Many visitors to California set aside time to drive down the famous coast of Big Sur, marvelling at the views. An ultra-rich few also book rooms to stay in the area overnight and get away from it all. (This ain't exactly Motel 6 country.) However, we like to take shameless advantage of our proximity to the area, so for Labor Day weekend we made a last-minute decision to take our first-ever camping trip with the whole family...

... in Big Sur. For 5 days. It was wonderful.

We spent two nights under the towering redwoods at the first campground, complete with flush toilets, showers, and Kathy's other favorite bathroom amenity -- power outlets. [ Have problems with insomnia while travelling? Think of it as an opportunity to fire up your laptop and write the next article that you've been dying to find time for. ]

From the redwoods, we decamped to the sites at Kirk Creek, which are run by the Forest Service on a first-come, first-served basis. The trick is to knock down your campsite early enough to arrive there right about the time someone else finishes packing up, lurk patiently like vultures, then nab their spot as soon as they pull out. The reward? An absolutely stunning, secluded site on a bluff overlooking the ocean. The downside? No flushing, no showers, and no power.

We still found plenty to keep us occupied, though. Some days we went on side trips to cool places like:

Other times, we just went wading in the Big Sur River, or walking along the bluffs at sunset. Having a cooler in the trunk meant that we could eat wherever we were, though we did make a point of eating out once a day at fabulous places like Deetjen's, the Ripplewood Cafe, and Ragged Point. Overall, it was just an incredibly relaxing stay ... and Kathy drafted an entire article, too!

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Big Sur

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tent ceiling redwoods
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Point Sur
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Kirk Creek
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San Simeon
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Ragged Point
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Pfeiffer Falls
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Pfeiffer Beach
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